How to Develop a Great Startup Idea

startupSuppose you want to go past a simple towing service business idea and come up with a more complex and sustaining idea that can be a game changer, how do you go about it? The best business ideas come from trying to solve a problem. You should try to solve this problem probably in a space you are familiar with and offer unique solutions. To come up with a great business idea, you need to become idea detective. Here are ways to go about it.

Become Idea Detective

You need to stop accepting the world as it is and see it in a different angle. You need to start noticing things that are wrong, inefficient or causing frustrations. You should never allow imperfections. Never ignore opportunities that can create great business ideas. The main goal with this point is to identify imperfections and try to come up with solutions that can help solve these imperfections.

Become Observant

You need to become observant of pain points. You need to become a keen student of consumer behaviors. Instead of rolling over the day with the way things are, try to notice things that are ineffective and inefficient. Start watching people and try to figure out what could be some of the problems they are facing.

Focus on Problems

You need to focus on key problem areas to come up with solutions. Focus on the problems you have as this can be one of the best areas to find solutions on. The second thing is to check on the problems people you know have. Take a closer look on the problems you suspect others have. These could be problems with people in your family, your colleagues and friends.

Turn your day job into a business

Another key way of coming up with business ideas is to turn your day job into a full time business. You might be offering services such as teaching and coaching to others, and if you scale this up, it can be a very good source to solve other people’s needs and hence create a business out of it. You can also turn your expertise into a media company by creating a blog and automating the process. Additionally, you can look at jobs that are highly on demand and work towards creating a value out of it. You can also brainstorm for solutions with your friends and colleagues.